Julian Burroughs



The Boogieman

The Boogieman can be found under beds and insides closets between 9pm to 4:45am. It appears to be 6 to 9 feet in height and can weigh 200 plus pounds. While i't's appearance may seem big, the Boogieman has no density. There is not a sure way to determine the gender of a Boogieman, which is why it is considered to be unisex. The unisex gender of a Boogieman enables it to take the form of the perceivers most intimidating gender. Therefor if the perceiver is more afraid of the female species it will take the form of a intimidating, frightful female form and vise versa of the male species. It feeds off the emotional fear one maybe demonstrating throughout a time in there life. This fear serves as ammunition for the Boogieman grow stronger. Since the Boogieman can sense fear do not fake as if you are not intimidated or frightened by the boogie because this normally leads to worse outcomes from the Boogieman. The only true way to rid the Boogieman of its powers is to take control of your fears. One must demonstrate that they faced there fears. The victims must show that they faced there fears as well as no longer being afraid of the boogieman. Again, one cannot apply this by acting as if they are no longer afraid because the boogieman will sense the acting and worsen you nightmares far more than you can imaging. Furthermore, face the boogieman and control your fears or it shall face you.