The statues of two olympic athletes in front of Clark Hall serve as a symbol of resistance and human rights. Little do students know however, the significance of the book held by Tommie Smith. The book that Smith holds contains many interesting secrets about San Jose State from throughout the years since the school has been built. These secrets include events that took place and why certain things are the way they are at the school. Along with the secrets, the book also contains cheat codes necessary for passing any course in San Jose State. The cheat code gives one tools on how to pass the courses with putting in as little work as possible. For many students this is worth a lot because they kiss all of the stress that comes with college, goodbye. The only issue for those that find out about the power of the book is that there is a lot of hidden security guards lurking around the area. If you are to get caught with possession of the book you are to be removed from San Jose State immediately and for an indefinite time period. Those that have been able to read through the book are both very courageous and sneaky. They most likely worked in a team with many strategies such as finding a method to distract the security guards while the others looked through the book. Only the lucky few that have gotten there hands on this book know the secrets and cheat codes it posses.

Sergio Zambrano