The Book of Knowledgewas rumor to be created by the scholars at the Library of Alexandria. The story was that in 48 BC when Julius Caesar accidentally burn part of the Library of Alexandria; it causes great anxious among the scholars. They feared that similar incident would occur then the knowledge that is kept at the Library of Alexandria would be destroyed. To prevent such incident from happening, the scholars came up with the idea to create a container that would hold the world knowledge. Working through nights and days, it was said that they were able to create the container in the end. They call it, the Book of Knowledge. The Book of Knowledge would grant its reader the right to read whatever knowledge it contain in exchange the reader have to bring a knowledge that it have not acquire. Moreover, it have been suggested that the Book of Knowledge is actually not a book, but an object which have a round shape. Some people said that it is a crystal ball, while there are other people who said it is a pearl.

Today, most people in the world do not know the where about of the Book of Knowledge. Since the tragedy of the Library of Alexandria, the Book of Knowledge has disappeared from public view. Some speculated the Book of Knowledge was destroyed along with the Library of Alexandria, but there are still people who believe that it was safely bought out before the Library of Alexandria was destroyed. There are reports that a scholar was last seen leaving the Library of Alexandria with the Book of Knowledge before the library was destroyed.

Anh Nguyen