Throughout the woods of California, a beast lurks for his desire of the human body. Many have been known to never return from their trip into the woods and legend believes a 16,000 pound creature consumes these lost beings. He has been hunted for by mobs of men; however, none have successfully been able to catch this monster because as soon as he sets his brown bulging eyes onto these individuals, they are trapped in his trance. The beast’s goal is to intake as much flesh as possible to continue to gain weight in order to rule the forest. After the trance has been set, the creature takes his mammoth hand transporting the object into the gap between his ridged yellowed teeth. Once inside his unsightly mouth, the object is crunched two or three times before being swallowed into one of his nine stomachs.  Oddly, if the beast has no desire to consume his caught prey, he stores them in his lair which is a cave that has no other creatures within radius to guarantee they do not step foot in his sight. Although he has not been known to enter the homes of humans, when he is lacking food, he goes to the homes that are secluded from the population, so he can demolish the remains that lie within. Many do not know how this beast has come to be or how to destroy him. His size is such a challenge to his predators and with his ambition to eat being so great; humans should beware of The Bubba.