The Bud Light Bandit


The Bud Light Bandit is the spirit of a woman named JJ who passed away back in March of 2013 to unknown circumstances. JJ's spirit still lingers around Memphis, Tennessee, but only under special circumstances.

Story has it is if you open a Bud Light, the smell of her burning cigarette will fill the air. Also, if you leave a partially drank Bud Light out over night, the next morning the beer can would be empty along with JJ's dark colored lipstick around the rim of the can. Smoking cigarettes and drinking Bud Lights were JJ’s two favorite things to do and even though she is not present in the physical world today, she always comes back when she hears the sound of a Bud Light can opening.  


A resident of Memphis Tennessee named Mandy said she was enjoying a nice Bud Light in her backyard with her partner and two kids when she started to smell cigarettes and the weather outside became colder. She saw an eerie ghost like figure wandering outside, but once she tied to get a double take, JJ was gone. Mandy was very familiar with the Bud Light Bandit myth and wanted to see if the stories were true. She left a full Bud Light out all night and the next morning Mandy found her Bud Light completely empty with a burgundy color lipstick stain on the rim. Right then and there Mandy knew the Bud Light Bandit was real. The Bud Light Bandit doesn’t do any harm to anyone; she is just looking for a nice cold one.

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