The Bunny of Death

The bunny of death comes from the mythical times of King Arthur and his knights of the round table. Many years after Arthur pulled Excalibur from the stone he began a voyage to the outskirts of his domain. Many citizens of Camelot spoke of a creature so foul, and evil that no mortal could withstand its vengeance. Any knight who’d sought this evil creature out was never heard from again. From far off in the distance you could smell the rotting flesh from its victims. The closer Arthur and his brave knights crept the more they began to fear the worst. At last they came upon the cave.

This creature had killed thousands of men and their bones lay out in front of the cave. The air flourished with the scent of death everywhere. The knights knew and understood they might not survive the wrath of this creature, but at last the time came. You could only see its shadow at first. Its shadow was three stories high, but the creature steps did not shake the ground, nor could you hear them at all. As it came out to where the knights could see it everyone laughed. It appeared to be a normal white rabbit with red devilish eyes, and menacing fangs.

The knights were ordered to attack the creature, but were unaware of its powers. As the knights attacked it flew through the air landing on the knights chests. Once it landed on your chest in nibbled through your neck until your head popped off. Once it finished it moved to the next person until they were all dead. As the knights gathered their wounded the Bunny laid on top of the bodies now with a red coat and red eyes.

Bryan Fisher

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