The Camp Monster (also referred to as Castra Monstrum, Latin for “monster of the camps”) is a creature that lives in Northern California.  The first reported sighting of the Camp Monster came in 2005 by a man and his son camping in the Whiskeytown National Recreation Area in the Shasta County of California. The Camp Monster is a bipedal humanoid with a bright red fur coat standing approximately eight feet tall. Many comparisons have been made to that of Sasquatch.

Prominent SightingsEdit

On July 14, 2005, a Bay Area man and his family were camping at Whiskeytown Lake in Northern California. At approximately midnight the man and his oldest son claimed to have heard a loud roar from the trees behind their campground. Under the assumption it was a bear, the man and his son grabbed their video camera and attempted to catch the creature on camera. They began chasing the creature through the forest, and it wasn’t until they reached the neighboring campground that the discovered creature was not a bear. It was the first known sighting of the Camp Monster. The three-minute video taken by the son and father was taken to authorities the next day. It surfaced online a month later, only to be taken off the internet two days later. Rumors suggest the video was taken down by the United States government, although this has not been confirmed.  

Two years later, on July 20, 2007, another Camp Monster sighting occurred when a family was camping at Lake Siskiyou, also of Shasta County in Northern California. The family was awoken in the middle of the night by a large creature shaking their tent. A camper from the neighboring site heard the noise and was able to capture the event on video with his cell phone.  The Camp Monster fled the campground when he noticed the man recording on his cell phone, knocking down a forty-foot tall tree in the process. This video also surfaced on the internet, but was taken down soon after as well. This is the last known sighting of the Camp Monster

Scientific EvidenceEdit

After the first sighting of the Camp Monster, many reports suggested that the event was a hoax, similar to that of Sasquatch. Evidence from both sightings was used to prove the creature’s existence. Red fur was found at the first sighting and used for DNA testing. The tree that was knocked down in the second sighting contained blood and multiple strands of red fur. Multiple scientists confirmed that the DNA of the fur and blood from the second sighting does in fact match the DNA from the fur of the first sighting, and does not match that of any known creature on Earth. Due to these discoveries, it is widely accepted that the Camp Monster does in fact exist.