On May 12th of 1956, San Jose State University student James Jones was walking back from the library. It was finals week and he had just been studying for 5 hours. This was a particularly long day for him. He had been up since 6:30 because he had four of his classes and on top of this he also had to take a trip to the library. To say he was tired is an understatement. James was in his fourth year and was supposed to graduate in a few weeks. On the verge of failing three of his 7 classes, James was afraid he would be held back another semester. On his way home James decides to take a break and sit on a bench under a tree across from Tower hall. As he sat down, James felt a sudden presence. He realized it was coming from the shade of the tree. The shade from the tree brought a sense of calmness to him. He all of the sudden felt relaxed and refreshed as though he was in deep meditation. He sat there staring at the large bronze bell across from him. For some reason, staring at that bell and sitting under that tree gave James reassurance that he would graduate on time. In 2 weeks, James passed all his classes and graduated on time. From that day on, the Camp of Meditation and Relaxation has been helping San Jose State students get through finals and the Bell of Anti-retention has been shaving an entire semester of students’ anticipated graduation times.

Charles Cope