Derek Martin, known to some as "The Candy Man", was born on October 25, 1976. Derek, and his wife Olga currently reside in Huntington Beach, CA and have three children.

On Derek's 13th birthday, he woke up to find that each of his fingers had morphed into Pez dispensers. His parents took him to multiple medical facilities, including Stanford Medical Institute. Doctors did not know what had happened to Derek's fingers, or how to reverse the effects. After several attempts at removing the Pez dispensers, they would grow back again within 5 minutes. And as soon as the Dispensers run out of candy, they automatically reload themselves within 30 seconds.

Derek decided to embrace his new body, and he gives back to the community. He visits St. Jude's hospital weekly and the children are all eager to see "The Candy Man" and eat his Pez. Derek in working on the final novel in his trilogy called The (Not So) Sweet Life of Derek Martin, which goes into detail about his condition and how he and his family have been able to cope with the struggles.

Derek has a rare disease, called candilicious-itis. With only .00000000000078% of the global population suffering from the same disease, there have not been many answers to how or why there would be on onset to people on their 13th birthday. For the past four months, scientists at University of California, Los Angeles have been running tests on Derek and 3 other candilicious-itis patients in hopes of finding a cure.