In the 17th century, there existed a furry creature of legend, feared by many English and Irish natives, that creature are the carnivorous rabbit. Though it is rumored to have only lived in the 17th century, scientists have reported sightings of the rabbit around the world. Some sightings include England, Ireland, Scotland and Italy. Other scientists dismiss the existence of the carnivorous rabbit but skeptics frequently report new evidence of the carnivorous rabbit through trails of mangled animal corpses. While the carnivorous rabbit is related to wild and domestic rabbits, it possesses a wild nature and is considered to be hostile.

The carnivorous rabbit’s diet suggests that the animal eats larger animals such as cattle, pigs, and sheep. Past findings state that farmers would notice several livestock missing and find half-eaten remains approximately three days after being reported missing. Scientists speculate that the carnivorous rabbit can feed for days and its hunger appears to be limitless as the remains found have numbered to be in the hundreds. Historians wonder if the carnivorous rabbit is simply an animal that has evolved and developed random tendencies or if it is an animal created as a cruel joke to punish those who have committed any wrongdoing. While the latter may be extreme, sightings of the carnivorous rabbit have been linked to significant events such as the dark ages, the independence of Hawaii, and the discovery of Australia.

Ultimately, this is all speculation but one thing is certain, do not attempt to domesticate this rabbit.

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