The Tower Castle Hall is able to reach the sky. With a little bit more height, reaches the snow like an angel floating on the white fluffy cloud. It covers all northern California. All southerners come to the castle in hope to stay there for four years. Scaling to the top is no an easy job. There is testing involved, the warriors have to demonstrate the King SJSU, they have enough capacities, knowledge and abilities to deserve a place at the top of the tower. The history tells, those that overcome all the obstacles can reach the top of many other tower halls. People fight against creatures such as 100W, Phil186, Bus150 and Bus 160 during six months, on a daily life. Is hard to survive, there are several monsters called “assignments” that keeps them awake for most nights. Sometimes, food is not as best and the faces of the warriors get full of red textures, while their stomach grows constantly making it hard for uniforms to fit. Often, people say warriors sacrifice their life and time for nothing but the truth is warriors are facing obstacles that only makes then stronger and prepared to combat all battles that may get on their way.  Having the responsibilities of a warrior makes it harder but is also the most rewarded job and causes the best gratifying feeling ever.  The tower castle hall is the most wanted even when its presence intimidates everyone. After all, warriors know that hard work pays off.