For hundreds of years, people have been examining the history of the Cat Queen, a tabby cat who ruled over a remote island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean called Boomshakalaka. Historians have stated that the cat sat on a throne during her ruling and made all gubernatorial decisions for the island. It is speculated that this Cat Queen, or Your Feline Majesty, as the villagers were known to call her, dictated all the animals in the island to serve and obey her. Documents have been found detailing the struggles the island went through under her dictatorship. The island is rumored to have had as many as 1,000 human occupants, none of whom are living today.

The feline was reported to be 1.5 feet tall and weighing around 30 pounds. Pictures depict her as being gray and black in color, with long fur. Many people believe that this cat was all-knowing, almost a god of sorts. The Cat Queen has been thought to be a hero among her people, despite her tyrannical rule. Some people believe that the way in which she ran her society, with residents working 12 hours a day with little to no food, was unethical, while others believe that the island residents could benefit from the robust education system the Cat Queen had supposedly implemented during her years of reign.

Historians have traced many successes of the island of Boomshakalaka back to the Cat Queen. The economy apparently boomed during her reign. Many were dismayed to find out she had passed in a tragic accident while chasing a ball of yarn off a cliff. While the Cat Queen may have either been a noble ruler or an evil dictator, her legacy will live on.

Tyler Cartwright, Comm 100W