The Cerberus, son of Typhon, is a three-headed dog that guards the gates of hell. Other areas where a Cerberus can be found include, California, Oregon, and Washington. This is because the Cerberus’s diet consists of rock cod, which is exclusively found on the western coasts of North America. The Cerberus has been reported to weight over 5,000 pounds, and reach heights up to 15ft tall. The Cerberus has the strongest bite pressure per square inch of any canine species.  While the American pit bulls bite pressure measures in at 235 pounds per square inch, the Cerberus’s bite pleasure is over 1,000 pounds per square inch. This is enough pressure to pierce a sheet of stainless steal with a thickness of 15 inches. Despite high levels of bite pressure, canine expert Frank Inn has described the Cerberus as, “a kind beast, incredibly gentle with children”.

The Cerberus was discovered in Athens, Greece in the year 800 BC. The beast was reported to be “mindless” butresearch has revealed that the Cerberus’s cognitive abilityis the second most advanced among mammals on earth. The only mammal with more cognitive ability is the Brazilian Pink Dolphin. The Cerberus, over the years has developed the ability to communicate with humans. Through a series of howls and paw movements, the Cerberus has even written a Pulitzer Prize winning poem. The Cerberus can read fluently in four different languages,and has been considered “the gab between animal and man” by neurologist Dr. Reed Stone. 

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