The Chinese Dragon

In ancient history, the Chinese dragon is a creature formed by dinosaur and serpent. With the subspecies, it divided into Sky dragon and Water dragon. Of their outer appearances, these dragons are extremely different from each other. The Sky dragon is a huge and powerful creature that looks like a fire long snake, with two arms and two legs, two big eye-balls, two pairs of giraffe-like horns, and long tassels. Because of its body structure, the Sky dragon has the ability to destroy the earth. We found Sky dragon resides in the cave under the ground and likes to eat lions and tigers. These foods can provide energy and strength for them to survive on earth. The Water dragon looks like a big bat that always resides in the ocean. Its exterior is in aqua color that can protect itself under the sea. In addition, the Water dragon has the ability to conquer all creatures living in the ocean. Its movement can bring the tsunami and destroy ocean bed all over the world.

The characteristics of the Sky and Water dragons are passionate, emotional, self-assured, short-tempered, independent, and strength. Depending on the characteristics, the Sky dragon is very emotional and angry which cause it to raise volcanic earthquakes and destroy many features in previous centuries. When it falls in love with a female dragon, it is passionate and will take care of its partner in life. The Water dragons reside in the deep ocean close to the coral reef. They feel very annoyed while someone attacks their residencies. For example, the big vessel sails around their territories; they should try to reverse the vessel sunk in the ocean. Clearly, this situation is similar to the Titanic tragedy happened in last century. Both Sky dragon and Water dragon like to stay in their own areas because they understand that these places are their origins and they have already existed.

Written by Kam Ip