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The Founder and builder of the church

In the center of San Jose State University, resides the Church of Pinocchio. In the early 1800s, this structure was known for its sacrificial offerings to the God, Pinocchio. Daffy Duck, its only loony member and founder, built this structure to please the deity, said to cause catastrophic weather. Fear for the land of California and its inhabitants, Daffy Duck began constructing a small church that would pay homage to Pinocchio. Every year, a child would be kidnap as offerings to this god to ensure that California would never suffer any unusual climate changes. However, around 1825, the church was raided by a tribe of Furbies, who cleaned the blood soak walls, dispose every decaying corpse, and ate Daffy Duck. With the power of love and joy, the Furbies reestablished the church so that no child would be a sacrifice, again.

The Tribe of Furbies that reestablished the Church of Pinocchio

The concept of Pinocchio was alter to be a god of hugs and kisses and its image to slightly resemble Kermit the frog instead of a puppet. Love was worshiped within the building until the mid-1950s, when a strange solar flare hit the area. Coincidentally, it wiped out everyone in it, but the church remained intact. It wasn’t until 1857, when a group of scholars, known only as The Potato Heads, discovered this mysterious building as they were constructing San Jose State University. The Potato Heads, who were in awe by the beautiful architect, kept this building at its center of the school, where it remains to this day.