The Cliff House Ghost Lady is a spirit that haunts the Pacific Coast in San Francisco, California. Specifically, the Ghost Lady is both a wandering ghost and a statue located near the Cliff House Restaurant. Her statue is not located directly behind the restaurant but on a large rock island not far away from the Cliff House and Sutro Baths. People can see the ghost from these two locations and Ocean Beach.

The origin of the spirit begins in 1917. According to city records, the actual name of the ghost is Natalie Selina Harrison. Harrison was born in 1899 but her death date is unknown. She was in love with a man named Sean Eric Anderson, who was born in 1897 and died in 1917 while fighting in Germany during World War I. When Anderson departed from San Francisco, he promised that he would come back and marry her. Natalie stood on the rock island nearby the Cliff House, never to move until her love returns. However, legends state that she died, was petrified into stone and became a statue.

Even though Natalie and Sean are both deceased, she still waits for him to return. Anyone can see the statue today, but the ghost is not easily seen by anyone. According to witnesses, she can only be seen at night during bad weather. In addition, she can only be seen with little to no crowds of people. The spirit is infamous for calling men with weak hearts or those eager for love, putting them in a hallucinogenic state of mind and unaware of their surroundings. The ghost lures the men with her innocence and beauty, and the men try to approach her. Some men have wandered off with the ghost and disappeared without a trace. Because of this, many men are either missing, dead, or mentally unstable. 

Scientists have been unable to confirm the existence of the Ghost Lady, nor find the body of Harrison. The stone statue does contain DNA samples of Natalie but the statue has more rock material than human material. Thus, scientists are unsure how Natalie was transformed into a statue. However, investigators and autopsies are able to prove the death of the affected men and the possibility of a ghost. These men have died from drowning in the Pacific Ocean or fell off the cliffs to their deaths because they have attempted to approach the Ghost Lady. Only a few men have been able to survive from the ghost but they are unable to explain the exact details of their incident.

Calvin Tan