Chris “Cocaine” Castalia (born September 6, 1945) is former operator and cocaine connoisseur.

Early Life

Chris was the youngest son to an upper-class family in the mid-20th century. Throughout Chris’s and his brother’s life they were supported and sheltered by the wealth of their parents, whom in which, ran a multimillion industry during that time. In his early years, Chris lived a prestigious life, and because of this there existed no financial struggles. His whole life lived to the expectations of his parents and under the shadows of his brothers, Craig and Constantine. Chris’s older siblings embodied the figured sons to run the family legacy shall their parents pass, but it was because of this Chris soon developed a lack of fulfillment and incompetent in comparison to his older brothers. This very shadowing on Chris’s past led to dissatisfaction, failure, and a uncertainty to his future, which led on to his prime years. The prime years led to the 60’s and he would soon be recognized as Chris “Cocaine” Castalia.


Unsatisfied with his life, Chris obviously turned to drugs. It was the 60’s and drugs were still a very new thing. Since Chris was segregated from his previous life and his family fortune. He turned to other things, cocaine. Chris himself was not a drug lord, but a connoisseur, a connoisseur of cocaine. While many wine collectors have cellars to store different types and tastes of wine, Chris had cellars barrels of Cocaine. Colombian cocaine with its strong straightforward potency; Peruvian cocaine with its scent of Swedish fish; and Bolivian with its herb like scent and uses. This became the very life Chris enjoyed and being an America in the 60’s with a cellar filled with cocaine; this was the very reason why Chris was soon to be known by his colleagues as Chris “Cocaine” Castalia.