The Code of Life (COL) was initially utilized by the government of the United States of America in the year 2033. Resembling the structure of a barcode, COL is a collective of various numbers, letters, shapes and symbols. COL is currently located on the inner wrist of every human being in existence on planet Earth. It stores personal information including, but not limited to: DNA, social security number, birth certificate, fingerprints, passport, driver’s license, criminal records, and insurance and banking information. Approximately one year later in 2034, COL was advanced to a tracking device and later monitored by governing institutions around the world.

Originally, COL was designed by students in California’s UC Berkeley Computer Science department for the protection of human information. Once the United States National DNA Laboratory (USNDL) was notified, a partnership was developed between the two databases in order to further the creation.

The governments USNDL had gained complete ownership of COL and it was fully developed in the year 2033. COL was then placed on each human, regardless of age, in the United States for what was intended to be the protection of human information. An outrage occurred once citizens learned of the tracking device upgrade, but unfortunately there was nothing that they could do. The U.S. government had attained full dominance over all citizens of the United States of America. Rumors continue to swarm across the country in regards to COL’s additional undisclosed capabilities. The government of the United States has now successfully withheld all supplementary information regarding COL confidential until further notice. Over the course of the years, COL has been adopted by every governing institution in each country in order to maintain regulation. COL still remains in full effect today.

Bryeana Dimery