Once believed to be another deep sea myth, the Colossal Octopus made it's existence known on October 14, 2015, just off the northern coast of Norway. According to a Norwegian hiker, Jon Olsen, at 8:44 a.m., the 32 year old man sighted this creature washed up along the rocks when passing through his hike trail. When discovered, he had called in a local marine zoologist, Dr. Bjorn Hansen, to examine what was believed to be just an overgrown octopus. Him and his team have since carefully examined and dissected the octopus for further evaluation. On February 11, 2016, Dr. Bjorn Hansen had finally disclosed myth-debunking details to the general public in Narvik, Norway.

As Dr. Bjorn Hansen and his team had stated at their public announcement, this overgrown octopus isn't actually an overgrown octopus at all, but is its own species. Thus, giving its name, the Colossal Octopus. The Colossal Octopus that was discovered measured to be 20 meters in length and weigh 300,000 pounds. However, these creatures can grow up to 30 meters long and weight 400,000 pounds according to Hansen and his team. Similar to any other octopus, they have eight tentacles, but their suction cups have tiny spikes on them. The beak of the Colossal Octopus is the size of an African elephant, have an orange-brown hue skin, and their eyes the size of small trucks, as verified by many Norwegian spectators during the announcement. Also stated by the team of scientists, their diet consists of large fish and other cephalopods, their average lifespan is measured to be roughly 100 years, and their tentacles can produce bioluminescence light to help see in the deep. At the end of Dr. Bjorn Hansen and his team's report, it stated that the traces of the discovered Colossal Octopus off the shores of northern Norway leads their inhabitance to be deep underwater in the center of the Arctic Circle.

These new species of octopus findings were a great discovery made by the hiker Jon Olsen and the team of scientists lead by Dr. Bjorn Hansen. These findings may even be proof of the existence of the legendary, fabled kraken.

Darren Luu

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