In 1607, John Smith, the leader of the Virginia Colony, offered local huntsmen a large sum to trap and kill a pest that was destroying the colonies food supply by night. The townspeople lived in constant fear as they were unsure of what kind of beast would be large enough to cause such damage on their property. Not only was the beast destroying the vegetation, but would feed on small dogs and cats left unattended, tearing single limbs off at a time, leaving the animal to suffer. This was also the case for any small child who came in contact with the creature, a limb would be slowly chewed off and the child left for dead.

The mysterious animal would feed on the young and defenseless, but would scurry away at the sight of an adult. The beast became known as the Crier, making its presence known by the cries of its weak and helpless victims. The Criers appearance was just as gruesome as his acts of violence. The hideous creature stood four feet tall; his scrawny stature did not match his insatiable craving for flesh. Deep dark circles held his bulbous black eyes that would light up at the thought of his next meal; yellow razor sharp teeth lined his large slimy mouth. His flesh resembled that of scales and towns children would speak of a putrid odor which accompanied the Crier’s presence. A local doll maker stumbled upon the Crier in his shop, chewing up the arms of what the animal thought were real children. The shop owner trapped the beast and surrendered him to local authorities where the beast was burned at the stake.