The Morris Dailey Auditorium that is located in San Jose State University was once a well known castle. This castle was named after a famous prince named Kent Cunningham. The Cunningham Castle was built back in 1533. Prince Kent Cunningham built the castle so he can live with his family and have a place of his own. The Cunningham castle was not just any other castle, this castle is filled with mystery and stories. One popular story is about the death of Prince Kent’s family.

It took place one stormy night in 1540 where Prince Kent’s wife and children were fast asleep in their rooms. Three unknown males broke into the castle and killed each and every royal guard that blocked the bedrooms. They first went into the children’s room and stabbed both Prince Kent’s daughter and son to death. Next they dragged their bodies to the master bedroom where Kent’s wife slept. They then suffocated her and laid her down next to her children. The next morning Prince Kent went back home and discovered that every human being that were in his castle were gruesomely murdered. A few days later Prince Kent hung himself in his master bedroom out of guilt for not protecting his loving family.

Since the day of his death, weird things has happened in the Cunningham Castle. Chairs would be moving by themselves and sometimes you can hear Prince Kent crying in his master bedroom. No one knows what happened to the three murderers and why they committed such a crime. Til today Prince Kent’s castle has yet to be demolished and is now an auditorium where San Jose State students have classes. Sometimes at night when you sit in the auditorium you can still hear sobbing and screams of Prince Kent’s family.

Amanda Chang