The Dainty Damsel of Springfield

The Dainty Damsel is said to be a holy spirit, that helps Springfield’s residents during times of distress. The Dainty Damsel is said to be dressed in a plain white robe and described as having a serene appearance. Although there are no confirmed reports, the damsel is claimed to have magical powers that heal and help her believers. Her first alleged appearance is said to have happened in the early 1950s, when a resident who was suffering from an ailment was miraculously healed by the damsel. Later, she is known to have helped a farmer save his crop from a deadly pest infestation that plagued the region. The origins and the identity of the damsel are unknown, but she is upheld as a guardian angel to those who believe in her.

Recently, the Damsel is rumored to have saved the town of Springfield from a terribly destructive tornado that would have wiped out the entire town. Even though tornadoes are common to this part of the country, according to the National Weather Research Centre of America, this particular tornado could have completely destroyed the town. The homes in the path of the tornado were evacuated and the residents were moved to safety. On May 30, 2011 at 2 p.m, when the tornado was predicted to cross the town of Springfield, the damsel is said to have appeared in the darkening skies and diverted the tornado away from the town. The citizens are ever thankful to the damsel for saving their town from the disaster, while the experts at the National Weather Research Centre are investigating the incident to come up with a possible explanation for the unexplained change in the course of the deadly tornado.