Mikala Anjos 10-26-2011 Professor Lawhorne Comm. 100w

                       The Dangerous Playful Dog of Denair

It is alleged that The Dangerous Playful Dog is terrified by cats, therefore this supposedly dangerous dog likes to play and have fun. TDPDD was last seen near Denair High School. A dozen or so mice located underneath classrooms surround him. The Dangerous Playful Dog is known for having a pleasant relationship with mice. Rumors have spread that The Dangerous Dog likes to tease and play with mice frequently. The dog is described as having white thick fur, dark colored chocolate eyes, and gigantic paws. According to Denair, local HS students and staff members have major concern issues regarding this animal. It is a disruption to its students, especially outside the classroom. Officials say that, The Dangerous Playful dog has no visible records that indicate that this animal has been captured. TDPDD has also played with the local critters and has caused devastation within the buildings such as: Broken bookcases, shredded papers, over turned desks and the kitchen has been destroyed. High security and safety will be taken into action immediately as we survey the damages on school premises. Security and patrol officers are alert and advised about this concern regarding the disturbance to its students. Reports of this suspicion have been brought to attention by a large number of students. Students have heard and complained about loud ruckus coming from the dog. Neighborhood officials say that they too have seen the dog but no further investigation has been put into place. Something needs to be done to discontinue this from reoccurring and put the protection to our students first.