The Dark Spiral

Black holes were created two hundred million light years ago by another intelligent species, known today as, “Venerators”. Humans named these aliens Venerators because of the respect humanity has towards their technology.  The technology is their ability to make travel through large amounts of space possible. The technology from our species today make it impossible to travel to other galaxies within our lifetime due to enormous distance. The venerators discovered a way to travel through space by creating black holes.  An anti-gravity device was needed to prevent gravity from the black holes from collapsing their ship, this was discovered and named the “Dark Spiral”.  Scientist before this discovery have lead humans to believe that black holes are actually results from the death of large stars, but after the discovery of the dark spiral, that theory is now false because of the discovery of Bob Miller.

The dark spiral was approaching Earth’s orbit 10 years ago, then an astronaut on the International Space Station detected it on radar.  It is unknown how or why the dark spiral was floating in space by itself.  The astronaut Bob Miller believed the device was in motion for an unknown amount of time but that Earth’s orbit caught the object and brought it closer to our planet.  Miller suspected it was not a natural object after looking at it through his telescope because he saw the sphere has a dark navy blue color and determined its size being 2" in diameter.  Miller also detected the object slowing down because it was fighting Earth’s orbit with its anti-gravity.  He chose to retrieve the object with a magnetic claw and discovered the symbol in the shape of a galaxy in the center glowing brightly.  Miller wrote the theory of the Venerators who created the dark spiral and determined it is for space travel after 10 years of studies and experimentation. 

By:Ricardo Rodriguez