The deetah is a rare animal that comes from the dog and cheetah family. When a group of tourists in Africa saw this creature in 1971, many people did not believe them and questioned the existence of the deetah. However, when it was last seen in the southern jungles of Africa in the late 1990’s by a Greek anthropologist, Jackson Arkeily, he managed to take a picture of this creature and gave this animal its name. He decided to call it the deetah since it had the face of a dog and the body of a cheetah. Many scientists question the number of deetahs left in existence. However, the French scientist, Pie’er Jaquino, estimated that about 20 deetahs are left in existence.

The deetah is about 3 foot tall and 4 foot wide. They live in the jungles of Africa and travel in packs. They breed all year long and the cubs usually stay with their mothers for about 2 years and become independent after that. Their food is provided by their fathers, but cannot eat till their mothers have finished eating. They usually hunt for food at night and rest in the morning. They always hunt for food together. Their food could be taken away by lions or leopards. Their main diet consists of more than 20 different animals including: antelopes, monkeys, and baboons. Their most preferred animal is the zebra. The deetah has giant teeth that could tear the flesh of an animal in a few seconds. They are known to dine together but if there was a shortage of food, they dine on each other.

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