The Dessert Fairy is a woman that goes around to different houses and changes children’s vegetables into something sweet, but still nutritious. When a child does not like his or her broccoli, then the Dessert Fairy comes to the rescue. She waves her magic wand and the broccoli turns into cookies. The cookies have the same nutrients as broccoli, but taste like a chocolate chip cookie. The Dessert Fairy is usually spotted in the San Francisco Bay Area, but has been seen all over California. Edit


The Dessert Fairy started about 10 years ago when she realized children stopped eating their vegetables and were getting notably larger. After many long hours of studying different families, the Dessert Fairy came up with a hypothesis: If children stop eating their vegetables, then not only do they lose important nutrients, but they also turn to something sweet and unhealthy. So, that’s when the Dessert Fairy decided to change children’s vegetables into something sweet, but still nutritious.


The Dessert Fairy is very bright and colorful. She wears a bright orange leotard and a hot pink tutu with different colored sequins that look like sprinkles. The Dessert Fairy also has a magic wand, in order to change vegetables into something sweet, with sliver glitter all over it. She pulls her long blonde hair into a tight bun at the back of her head, so it does not get in the way of her wings. Her wings are very delicate and dainty, so one can hardly see them. The Dessert Fairy also wears light pink ballet slippers, so parents can’t hear her walking around the dinner table.