The Digitizer Association was founded in 2001 on the island Hachijojima, located 200 km from Tokyo, by Dr. Kazuma Kensei. The organization’s goal was to create the first fully immersive gaming system which would connect the human nervous system to a stream of media of their choosing. This group is founded by its members a select few that are experts in their respective fields. 

Breakthrough     Edit

     The digitizers had a breakthrough in 2009 when a prototype nerve gear was ready to begin human testing. By 2010 the digitizers were able to obtain a fully functioning prototype which allowed several users to fully immerse themselves into the media of their choosing. However, the psychiatrists and doctors in charge noticed fluctuations in the test subject brain waves and decided to halted further use of the nerve gear until they assessed each individual involved. Edit

The AftermathEdit

     By tapping into the nervous system these doctors and engineers unknowingly created a super human quite similar to those in the science fiction stories. Noticing drastic spikes in their brain waves after every use, doctors began to notice that the nerve gear affected different parts of their brain such as their cerebellum, parietal lobes, occipital lobes, and their brain stem; each creating new abilities beyond those of normal humans. As the users began to immerse themselves into different story lines, they gained similar abilities to the ones being used in by the characters in the stories such as Street Fighter, Halo, Dragon Ball Z. This change created stress on their bodies and so training their physical body was essential in order to keep up with the changes in their brains. The technology thought too dangerous for anyone to have, was destroyed and those with super human abilities disbanded in 2012 abandoning the project completely.Edit