For many years the Government has lied and kept a very important secret from its citizens. In 1980 the astronauts Rose Wells, Anne Sunrise and Joseph Tresemme boarded the Titanic space shuttle and were launched to space to research what NASA suspected to be a new planet. The shuttle safely landed in planet Divine, and what they discovered was shockingly surprising. Astronaut Wells states; “ water, and other unseen and rare “plant like things” were found in planet Divine, we were astonished of such discovery”. Wells and the rest of the crew came back to earth bringing samples of what they had found to examine and after months of research scientist concluded that Divine was a live supporting planet. A few years after the discovery and research of Divine, the government ordered the three astronauts to go back and they never returned.

Wells, Sunrise and Tresemme have now established a life in Divine. Divine is now a planet suitable to the human race. It has been noted that divine contains sufficient amounts of oxygen, water and what we believe to be plants that reinforce the survival of the human race. Scientist in labs has studied the unique plants, and they have concluded that they contain great amounts of nutrients that can be used as sources of food and keep humans alive.  The government has declared that Divine is not to be populated; unless an emergency occurs and the lives of it’s citizens are in danger. It is said that the government has kept planet Divine a secret to protect its citizens in case of an emergency.