On September 20th 1997, the inaugural Dreamland Surf Contest was held on Dreamland Island in the Western Ocean. It was the largest surf event known to man, where an unimaginable five hundred stoked kids lined up the beach to sign up. The waves were absolutely perfect. Even Mick Slatez and Strider Fann, two of the world’s best professional surfers, made an appearance. At 9am, the first horn went off, signaling the start of the first heat. Surfers were pulling tricks that no one had ever seen, let alone knew existed. At exactly 12:29pm, the best wave anyone had ever seen started to roll through.

Brixton Ryder

Brixton Ryder, a twelve year old from Salina Zacca, Australia and one of the top up and coming young surfers, was in position. He took off and pulled straight into the barrel. He stayed in the barrel for almost 52 seconds, and as he came out, he launched the biggest air ever stuck in the history of surfing. He lifted almost twenty whole feet out of the water and stuck it perfectly. Brixton kept on riding the wave. He then launched a full rotation 360 air and landed it. He rode that same wave for 4,559 yards, linking so many graceful turns together. As he ended the wave, three of Brixton’s closest friends ran to Brixton and chaired him up the beach in honor of the magnificent wave he had just ridden. Brixton went on to win the entire contest, beating out all of the professionals.


Today, Brixton has won 55 world titles and is the best surfer in the world. All around the globe, people praise and honor Brixton and his wave that will be remembered forever. Dreamland Surf Contest is held once a year now and continues to bring in the best waves and surfers from around the world.

By Ashley Held