Nights are always considered when the time when monsters of tale engage in their terrors, but not all creatures are so patient for such events. Dusk, the time when light begins to fade and darkness grows in the sky, is a paradise for a creature none have met with a happy ending. The Dusk Reaper is a being that ushers in the night's minions with blood-lust in the air and a heightened smell of fear allowing the darker monsters more enjoyable festivities. People have claimed to hear of shadows moving when no sunlight is visible, breaking leaves and branches around them in the forest, echoing whispers of a demonic sound through the brisk air as night's cold breathe grips on to the world. There are written documents exploring the nature of such a presence where people explain the sounds they hear from victims caught in the dusks last light. The window of opportunity for this monster to feed its hunger is short which forces the body count to build frighteningly fast. Every person found in the mornings after have been sliced open diagonally with blackish blood staining their lifeless bodies. The Dusk Reaper has been described as shape-shifting essence of dark grey and black, the body of the creature is never the same, but its final form is always carrying a reaper's scythe stained with fear and agony. Thus, the reaper of the dusk was spawned. Fear of such a creature has left the forests empty even before night drapes the world and made the days even shorter for death is a price many are not willing to pay for another hour of natures costly beauty.