E-Sports, or video game sports, increased in popularity over the years with the new game Rocket League. Rocket League, by Psyonix, is a game where soccer meets cars, and each player works together in teams of three to score before the time clocks out. There are many professional players within the realm of Rocket League, but critics claim that Yuri Garcia is the best. Yuri Garcia, or Waffle (nickname), is an international player from San Francisco, California, and he has been playing Rocket League since October 1, 2016. Throughout his short career, he has gained outrageous stats and achievements.


What makes Waffle great at Rocket League? Well, for one it is his amazing statistics throughout his 8 months of play. Waffle’s goal per shot percentage is at an all-time high of 44.3%. Waffle also has other brilliant stats across the board, such as 9,082 wins, 23,109 goals, 18,036 saves, 52,224 shots, and 10,666 assists (Wilson). “It takes years to get to this level of Rocket League!”, says Heinz Fischer, most recent world champion for the Rocket League Champion Series (RLCS) who also goes by Heinz, “At this rate, he will eventually overtake my spot as the RLCS champion, who in the world can stop him, he’s nuts.” (Fischer).


Not only is he consistent in scoring, but he also holds many high-end achievements. Waffle has placed 9th at the Universal Open (12/1/2016), 3rd at the Dreamhack Atlanta (04/29/17), 2nd at Rocket Power Invitational (08/23/17), and 1st at the R.L.C.S. (Rocket League Champion Series) Summer Series (09/1/17). (Wilson) With this ongoing lead of improvement, critics are expecting to see more tournament wins through Waffle’s career.

What Comes Next?

Waffle has clearly stated that he is becoming Rocket League’s greatest player. Every day you can catch him playing online with his friends and teammates from G2 Esports. He is streaming on from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM with over 15,000 people watching him.

“I love Rocket League, and the people in the community, they are the ones that keep me going, I am the people’s champ! If it weren’t for them I wouldn’t be playing this game.” (Garcia). This shows that Waffle is playing for pride within his community, despite his actual efforts. From this day on forward, Waffle is striving to become more!

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- Aron Cortez