The Emitting Blue Lasers

During the seasons of the winter solstice, sunlight is decreased. Sunlight provides vitamin D and many other endorphin, mind stimulating chemicals. Consequently, part of the reason why some people fall into sadness and depression easier is because of the lack of sunlight. However, with this new technology of blue lasers, one can not only enjoy the same color of a clear blue sky, but also build their happy brain chemicals any day of the year.

How It Works

This bleeding edge technology disco balled lamp that emits blue lasers, safe for all human eyes to stare at in increments of 20 minutes a day, can brighten up the day of anyone who is to be indoors. Each of these light blue laser has cured symptoms of light depression, temporary sadness, and light headaches. Others have reported that when used in a dark room, their migraine healing times have also been decreased. Although there is no scientific evidence of how these blue laser lights have contributed to migraine relief, there is a theory that the lights take focus of one's attention and off of the daily stress.

Safety Risks

The only known safety warnings of this product is the known addictions and obsessive use. There have been consumers that have relied on this product so much that they use it as a direct replacement for actual sunlight. This is not its intentional purpose. As a reminder to all those who use this product daily, one should use it no more than 3 hours total a day. Although the 6,500Kelvin color temperature is safe for the human eyes, excessive use of this lamp can decrease reaction time and physical activity.

Viet Tran