The Enchanted Ones

This house is known as the one with the three witches. No one has seen them but the facts are left in the house. The shattered windows, the potions, the most important of them all, the book. The Enchanted ones, not only lived their majestic lives but also regular lives. After an interview that was shared out to the world by a close friend, and police officer. Originally, there were three sisters and when the eldest one was killed by a demon, there were two left. Jackie, the second eldest was left in charge and after her sister's death, she was determined to find the demon and vanquish him. Months later, Jasmine came into their lives, and found out that they were her sisters from an affair that their mother had. Jasmine was given the job to save innocents' lives. The other sisters, Jackie and Jade, had jobs to kill demons. The only way a demon was able to be vanquished was with the power of three. The Sorcerer, was after the three witches and wanted them dead. He used his demons and had them take lives of innocents to trap the three witches so they could be killed. The Enchanted ones fought daily and had days when their powers wouldn’t work but they never failed to figure out how to vanquish the demons.

Years passed by, and the house became quiet. No one was ever seen entering or exiting the house. It was never said where the three sisters had gone but the crime scenes had settled down and their close friend had said he had also stopped dealing with demons. Today, people visit the house and get to witness the lives they lived because of the pieces left behind.