The Fairy Baby-Mother

It is rumored that the fairy baby-mothers appears to parents who needs rest from tiring child care. The fairy baby-mothers only exist to aid hard working parents to get a second or minute rest from their child care; especially newborns. Therefore, according to the legend that is passed from mouth to mouth says that they are created when a parent wishes for such help to better raise their babies without putting their frustration out on them. She is the help every mother in the world hopes for, except the mothers are not allowed to see the fairy baby-mother with their naked eyes.


The fairy baby-mother appears to babies when they are crying uncontrollably. They have a mysterious way of calming the babies that works instantly. They have a special work force during infants’ sleep time at night since that is when the new parents make the most mistakes (leaning onto the baby, falling asleep while feeding the baby, not supporting the babies’ head correctly) from not being used to sleep deprived and having a baby to care for every hour or less throughout nighttime.


The secrecy of their existence was spread out verbally by a 8-year old boy named “Elliott Stomps” in the year of 1880. Elliott Stomps claimed that he befriended his fairy baby-mother so he was allowed to remember and see his fairy baby-mother well beyond his toddler years. When confronted by adults who did not believe his story and accused him of being ‘creative’ for making a lie, Elliott answered them saying, “sometimes babies just look somewhere and smile, when you look, nothing is there, no one is doing anything to make the baby smile, laugh or coo, but the baby just does. Because the fairy baby-mother is there; they are there telling them ‘you are special, you are beloved, and everything will be fine’ with a sprinkle of their golden powder.”

Entry by Sooyoung (Sera) Jeon Park