John Mcport, is a man from a small town in Akron, Ohio. He was born July 24, 1977. He went to a college called Yale and graduated with honors in Biology, May 25, 1999. After graduation, he took an unexpected turn to not pursue grad school, but to join the military. After being in the marines for two years a tragedy occurred on September 11, 2001. John decided his extend his time in the marines and go tour in Afghanistan. During his military campaign overseas, he saved 5 of his fellow troops during an ambush at a local city in Kunduz. He was awarded with a rare gift called the Medal of Honor. After he finished his tour in Afghanistan, he decided to go back to school to get his masters at a school called Harvard. John after 4 short years in Harvard had excelled to become the top of his class in 2007. During this time, a company called McKesson had been looking closely at John’s work. After his graduation from Harvard, John starts working with McKesson. Two years into his career at Mckesson, John develops a new drug called the Anti-Cancer. After taking the Anti-Cancer, the drug makes its way through your body and starts targeting and destroying your unnatural cancer cells with your healthy cells. John Mcport is now responsible for the eradication of all cancer cells. He currently is developing a new drug in San Francisco with McKesson. It was reported that this drug will see to the end of the common cold.