The incredible yet silly farting horse originated from the middle of the Poop Central Island. The reason this horse got its incredibly silly name is because anytime this particular horse gallops it makes a noise that sounds like a person passing gas. These horses roam across Poop Central Island and are usually have a purple color tint, but sometimes the horses will be purple and blue, depending on the weather. When it is raining outside the horses’ colors will mesh together forming a Tie-Dye blend of blues and purples, but when its hot and humid outside the horses’ colors will be more pastel colored. The horses typically run around during the summer time and many times other animals will make louder noises around them because they feel that the Farting Horse is taking away most of the spotlight from the other animals in that animal kingdom. The Farting Horse’s will sometimes be able to hear the noises that they make when they gallop and will tend to make a particular laughing noise while they gallop.

The horses tend to roam along towards the northern part of Japan, but when the people living in Japan heard the funny noises they made they decided to dedicate a zoo specifically for farting animals.  Since the horses are an endangered species most of the horses live in the zoo in Japan.  According to the horse trainers in the zoo, the farting horses are extremely happy in Japan and enjoy the attention they get from people who are laughing with them!

Sara Niufar 

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