The Fire Emblem is an imbued ruby that gives the holder the ability to control fire. For decades it was believed to be something of a fable, until ancient written records and drawings were discovered during an expedition ordered by the Area 3, what was once Asia, King. The documents told researchers that the holder of the stone gains the ability to control and manipulate any fire near them. The range and extent of their power is based on the user’s mental and physical strength, however with time, it can be developed and trained. As well as telling researchers the abilities granted, there were records indicating that the stone’s last known location was in what was once Egypt, currently part of Area 2’s territory. The king of Area 3 became obsessed with the idea of finding the Fire Emblem, and believed it was his key to destroying Area 1, across the sea. Realizing it would not be easy to send search parties without arousing suspicion and that the ruler of Area 2 would not be receptive to letting them come in and search, Area 3’s king decided he had to wage war and capture northern part of Area 2. Sending the strongest of his armies to handle the attack, it was a matter of 3 weeks before the territories wanted were captured. Quickly after that, diplomatic parties were sent to stop a war from occurring and Area 2 was paid for the land taken. Devoting over 50% of his empire’s resources on military and research, the stone was found within months. Finally, he thought, the power to take over the world. He began training with it vigorously and his ability grew quickly. However, there was a catch to the user’s power growing too much, and that was losing control of it and being consumed by the fire. Area 3’s King, ignoring the warnings of his researchers, ended up being burned alive and left as a pile of ash in his throne room. Area 3’s nobility and high-ranking officials believe it was an assassination conducted by Area 2 as payback for the invasion and to recover the stone.

-Michael B.