Fire Witch

The Fire Witch, is a rare and dangerous creature, who can cause great healing or great destruction with a wave of their wand. They are easily identified with a few key characteristics and are found across the world in all races. The fire witches are either male or female, but the female are the most recognized by their beauty and temperament, so the collective is known by the female designation. First, the fire witches hair is the color of flame, and when angered or upset, the thick mass of curls give off living sparks. More than one wild fire is attributed to a fire witch’s bad day. Second, fire witches have an above average body temperature, feeling almost feverish in comparison to an average person. Third, a fire witch’s temperament is fickle at best, swinging from a warm disposition to ranging inferno at the slightest provocation. Lastly and most dangerously, the fire witch is able to hold congress with flames as easily as a pet and is able to cause mass destruction in its manipulation. However, the fire witches are in possession of great healing arts and are known to go out of their way to help others in need when it suits them. Historically, in the distant past many fire witches were hailed as saints or gods in primitive religions for their abilities to heal illness and diseases. Still rare even today, many of the fire witches have learned to blend in the modern world by finding occupations which allow them to practice their skills under a modern guise. this is real
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