The Gatorade Company was created in 1965 during the hot Florida summer in a small private University laboratory. The formula for Gatorade made you run faster and jump higher. The scientist who were in the process of making the perfect combination of had to go through many trail runs to perfect the process. Late one summer night as the scientist were struggling with the formula, they decided to add quadruple the amount of ingredients in a recipe just to turn their luck around. As the scientist added all the extra ingredients they decided to go home and let the formula brew over night. Leaving in a rush the scientist left the laboratory door ajar, only for a hungry college student wonder into the laboratory looking for food. The young college student saw the Gatorade formula brewing and decided it’s the next best thing to food so might as well drink the whole case of extreme Gatorade.

Years passed, students graduated and aged as they went through their careers except for one student. The young man who drank the extreme Gatorade didn’t age a single day since drinking the formula. The student soon noticed after drinking the formula that his running speed increased so fast that he became a blur when he ran, as well as how far he could jump. He could jump from building to building with ease. Once the student realized his powers from the Gatorade he had to decide what he would do with those powers. The young man chose to use his powers for good and help the common man from evil forces, he just needed a name to identify himself, he chose “The Flash.”

The Flash traveled the world, going to every country and every state helping fight the fight against criminals. The Flash used his speed to his advantage running so fast that criminals wouldn’t even see him. He would run circles around the criminals keeping them in spot until law enforcement could catch up and arrest the men. The Flashed helped fight so much crime that he received the highest medal possible from the president of the United States of America, and was recognized as an American Hero. To this day the Flash still fights crime, he has gone global though and is only fighting crime in places like China, Turkey, and Brazil. If you pay close enough attention you might be able to catch a glimpse of the Flash. 

Derek Malecki