== In a small village of My Xuan in Vietnam, there is a unique type of flower growing on the side of the rice fields next to the main gate. It only blooms once a year in the month of April. It is called Dong Mau Anh Hung, meaning "The Heroic Bloodstream". It looks similar to the typical lotuses, however, its petals are red while pistil is black. It is told by the villagers that this flower grew during the 1920s, when Vietnam was under colonial French ruling. During the war, many Anti-French rebellions sacrificed and their bloods were seen everywhere. The blood was spread to the rice field due to the heavy rain and the flowers started to grow from there. In the beginning, when villagers first seen the color of the flowers they were afraid and thought it was the sign of God about to punish them. They prayed and organized ritual ceremonies for the flowers to disappear. The flowers continued to grow until now. Later, it was established that the flower pedals were tint with blood of the rebels in the book " A Collection of Strange Flowers Around the World" by scientist named Leon McGary. He further explained that the blood went so deep into the soil that it left a permanent color on the new growing seeds. The reason why it only blooms once a year is still an unsolved mystery. Nevertheless, villagers now value the flower as it reminds them of their heroic ancestors who once fought a great war. ==