Tucker Jones was the first person to create the device we know today as a mattress. The mattress was originally called a Flyaway because of its original purpose in the 1600s. WW2 Soldiers would use the Flyaway when they needed to escape enemy aircrafts, they would clasp the device onto their backs and jump out of their jets in order to survive any type of enemy attack. Jones found his inspiration for the Flyaway when he himself served in WWI and just barely survived an enemy ambush. The Flyway was originally designed specifically for trench protection but the idea broadened when Jones was influenced by his colleague Dr. Phil. Both Jones and Dr.Phil worked on creating something that not only protected soldiers but increase their survival rate up to 80%.

The interior of the Flyaway is made by a light but very sturdy bulletproof metal sheet that is inclosed in a soft waterproof cushioned material, soldiers would wear the Flyway on their backs similar to a backpack and jump off a plane where a sheet would then shoot out of device and get them on the ground safely. Once on the ground the bulletproof sheet would serve as a sort of shield to protect soldiers in case they happen to encounter an enemy soldier. The Flyaway would also protect soldiers from any environmental circumstances the material and bulletproof sheet on the flyaway can be repurposed to create a tent or some sort of protection against the weather. Over 200,000 soldiers were able to survive because of this revolutionary device.