The Flying Tiger Fish is the most famous, secret fossil to have ever been found. The skeleton of this animal made it clear that it could fly, swim, and walk on land as well. The flying tiger fish lived on Earth at some point in history. Dating samples were never taken from the fossil, so we will never know when. The one and only fossil was found in 1963 by Thomas Shengle. He wrote in his notebook that he was trekking through the Amazon Rainforest when he tripped over what he thought was a stick poking out of the ground, but turned out to be a massive rib bone with an extra joint for a wing. When he dug up the bones he found a large animal that resembled a tiger, with wings, and shark tail. He knew this was the greatest find in history so he drew a picture with some measurements. This animal had wings, four legs, head and teeth similar to a tiger, and a tail similar to a shark. The wingspan was roughly 25 feet, body length 30 feet, and tail about 8 feet long. Shengle estimated weight at 15,000 pounds. Shengle left a trail of rocks following from the bones to the village. He showed them his notebook and said to follow his trail of rocks. All of the sudden, a burst of light had appeared with what seemed to be a spaceship. The spaceship abducted Shengle. The villagers had followed the trail of rocks to find nothing but a massive hole in the ground from where all the bones had been abducted besides one large canine tooth. All that remains of the Flying Tiger Fish is the canine tooth and the drawing in Shengle’s notebook, located in the Amazon Forest.

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