The Flying tortoise

For years children have been learning the old wise tale of the flying tortoise. This tortoise was not like a normal tortoise, he was unstoppable. For centuries tortoise’s only fighting mechanism was hiding in their shell. In 1200 A.D. a scientist by the name of Dr. Brok Vizio was exploring through the Ordelo desert when he thought he saw a mirage. This was no mirage, what he saw was the king of the tortoises. Weighing over 200 hundred pounds and 4 feet in length, this beast had a wingspan of 12 feet wide. This massive, airborne reptile originated from the depths of the ocean when the first of its kind came on shore, bred with a pelican and evolved into a massive, winged turtle. Even though he had no way to prove what he had seen, he was determined to see the beast again to prove that he was right. For years he wandered the Ordelo desert, until he woke up one day and standing next to him was the flying tortoise with a feast under his shell for the scientist. The scientist was so grateful since he had run out of food the night before. Today the flying tortoise has only been seen by few soaring the skies just after sunset, but continues to bring children the things they need. Clothes, toys and large amounts of money are among a few of the gifts of the mystical creature. The gifts show up as anonymous gifts left at the front door, but everyone secretly knows that it was the flying tortoise doing his part to give back.