The Folderator 300

The Folderator 300 is a machine that will make people’s laundry easier to accomplish. This machine will become a 3-in-1 when attached to the washer and dryer machines. Invented in 2005 by the famous single mother Kate Gosselin, who is raising sextuplets and a pair of twins, this instrument’s purpose is to handle finished laundry by folding it and storing it. With so many children, Kate found it time-consuming having to fold so much laundry for all eight of her children, but now, this machine allows her and other owners to save their time with folding their laundry. Not only does the Folderator 300 fold their laundry, it also acts as a robot to properly store their clothes in their closets.

Produced by the company Samsung, this product could be found in stores such as Costco, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Home Depot. Not only has this famous product sold millions across the United States, it has also reached other countries worldwide making Kate one of the top billionaires in the world. What really made the sales of the Folderator 300 sky rocket was its recent new update, the Foldertor 300.2, which now includes its new useful feature, the steamer. The Folderator 300.2 now gives owners the option to have all their clothes steamed before it is folded and stored away. By purchasing any version of the Folderator, 70% of all earnings go towards either scholarship for college students or different cancer research foundations worldwide.

Andrea Rico