The demolished city of Atlantis is located at Mauritania which is in Sais, Egypt. Inside of Sais lies a temple that consists of hieroglyphics which provide evidence that there was an empire present. However, the Niles delta swap lands overtook and destroyed the temple. Atlantis was destroyed 11,600 years ago and during this period drastic fluctuations in temperature, sea level, and mass extinction of many mammals occurred which correlated to the devastation of Atlantis. Additionally, 12000 years ago a comet burned the earth and caused an ice age. The city consists of alternate circles of land and water encircling one another. Atlantis can be seen from the space, however, when looking at it from the ground it appears like a hilly desert. Atlantis formed one hundred thousand years ago when the supercontinent Pangaea split due to plate tectonics to what is currently known as Africa and South America, this caused molten rocks to collide and push upwards however it failed, causing a dome of rock layers to form. Due to a catastrophic event such as an earthquake or tsunami, the Atlantic Ocean blasted the terrain as the ocean carried sand and mud towards Atlantis that caused erosion of the surface of Atlantis which can be evaluated by the striations on the land going west to east from the ocean. Additionally, the sands of the Sahara Desert originated from the sea therefore many of Atlantis reminiscence can be found buried in the sands. Furthermore, to the south of the Atlantis is the gateway to the Atlantic Ocean which shows how close Atlantis and the ocean are connected.  

Rashmi Johar