The Forrest bracelet

The Forrest bracelet was an article of jewelry that was created to become a faster runner. The bracelet will allow the wielder to gain 5mph to they’re own, individual top speed when running. This bracelet was made from the same material of Marvel’s The Flash’s costume to combat the increased friction from the air around the runner. With the friction and airborne particulate matter, it’s made it effective for the runner to develop an aura to protect the runner, similar to the Comic Book hero. They were invented to speed up the creator’s mile time, as he was too slow for his liking. After reviewing his own tests and experiments, the numbers are conclusive that individuals’ speed increased by 5mph; no more, no less. The creator overcame adversity through trial and error and using local citizen Kevin Malone as his frequent test subject. He goes by the name of Mose Schrute and resides in quiet Pennsylvania and spends his days tending to his cousin’s 60-acre beet farm. However at night, when the beet fields are cloaked in black, Mose puts on his bracelet to live and breathe the air of being fast without revealing his passion. The bracelet was named after Mose’s favorite cinema, Forrest Gump.

In 2009, the bracelet was stolen according to the Scranton Daily Times. In 2011, the bracelet was later banned in an annual 5K race located in Boulder, Colorado. To this day, no one has seen or heard anything about The Forrest bracelet.