[1]Although many advances in medicine have been accomplished there is still countless diseases without cures. There is no doubt that the human race will eventually have a cure for every known disease on the planet, but until then many will people continue to die. There is hope after all. A fountain was located in the ruins of an old Mayan city in Mexico. Under the rubble of a fallen temple archeologist George Cortez stumbled upon a major discovery while searching for ancient artifacts. Dozens of engineers and scientists spent three years analyzing the liquid content located within the fountain. What they discovered will ultimately change human life. According to the reports the liquid in the fountain contains minerals and vitamins that have never been found on earth before. After running tests, spokesperson for the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) stated that the elements within the fountain have healing powers. They have not had human test subjects try the fountain due to speculations, but more than a dozen animals that suffered from different cancers and diseases were guided into the fountain. The results are astonishing and miraculous. The different vitamins within the fountain enter the subjects distributing proper doses. What the scientists have yet to discover is how the water/liquid in the fountain manages to purify the body from cancers and diseases with a single bathe. The fountain of health as many call it will continue to undergo examinations until it can be deemed safe to the public or so they say.       

Marcelino Diaz