The Fountain of Memories, built on December 11, 1935, keeps and remembers the memories of loved ones who have passed away. The memories are kept by burying the brain of a loved one right beneath the fountain. All one has to do is place their head into the fountain, think of their loved one, and then they are able to see every memory that they have shared together. 

In August of 1934, Brandon Perkins lost his wife in a tragic car accident. He was devastated, felt alone, and did not talk to anyone for months. He just wished that somehow he could keep a part of her with him forever. A few months after his wife’s death, he came up with a brilliant idea, the Fountain of Memories. 

Perkins built the fountain so he could relive every moment him and his wife ever spent together. It felt so real to him and brought back many memories him and his wife shared together. He wanted others who had lost someone special to them to be able to experience the same thing. Therefore, he made the fountain open to the public to give others the opportunity to relive every memory they had with a loved one who had passed away. 

The Fountain of Memories is still open to the public till this day. 10,000 people visit the fountain annually to see Perkins's creation in hope to see the memories of their lost loved ones. Perkins's fountain is very successful and gives others the opportunity to relive beautiful memories.

Christina Buban