The Free Giver is a super hero that has the power of giving away any free stuff that the people ask for in case of need. To be more specific, when a person is struggle and need something that will help him or her overcome the struggle, the Free Giver will show up and give him or her exactly what he or she wants. But not everyone can ask the hero for stuff. The intention of the asker has to be a good one, not an evil one; for example, people cannot ask the Free Giver for illegal drug or weapon.

For the recent years, the Free Giver has help thousand of person in many epidemics, like the Sandy storm victims. He has tried to make people to have a better life, and make the world a better place.

His main rivalry is the Taker, who will take away people belonging for no reason randomly without any concern for them. The two have battled each other for a long time, but the fight hasn’t ended.

The identity of the Free Giver is unknown. He always wears a mask to cover his face, His costume is simple, just a black suit, a white shirt with a tie, and he looks very formal. He doesn’t talk; people say that he is a good example of “Actions speak louder than words”. There’re a couple small statues of the Free Giver built by the people to show their respect to him.

By: Sean Nguyen