The Free Thinking Movement.

In the year 2074, the world was ruled by technology and people were no longer taught to think outside the box. They were taught that the world could only be one way and to question that was insanity. They were overrun with advertisement and computers that consumed their minds. Schools didn’t teach much about history and the valuable lessons that it had to offer. They no longer offered courses on philosophy that used to inspire people to think more openly about ideas. They were taught about computer science and how to write in code so that computers were now doing the communicating. Robots replaced almost all service positions like your fast food restaurants or coffee shops. You simply touched a screen that would send the order to the back to retrieve your item. Then a group of young college students got together and sat in the middle of the grass at San Jose state and just observed the world around them. Eventually this observation led to a reborn type of curiosity. They wondered about the past and what life was like before there were so many computers. They wondered why people were not as social in real life and only on social media. This curious group of young students started inviting more and more people to their time of observation. This time they spent together was simple. It was about slowing your life down and looking around sometimes. Observe the world as it appears around you. Take a second to think about things and your feelings. It led to the reinvention of higher education and how we should always inspire people to critically think. It brought back all the lost subjects that technology had replaced. Today, There is a statue of the two original thinkers who started the entire movement in the middle of the grass they first sat down in to slow down, take a breath and look around at the world.